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I am finally falling captive to the blogger craze. I hope
to be an encourager to those of us who have
entered mid life and all that comes with it.
Jesus is the answer...
We just have to stay focused on him.

Monday, January 16, 2012

In The Little Things

I am back...sorry such a long  time away.  Sometimes my thoughts are most enjoyed internally.  I am realizing that to blog is a good thing.  I have been reading past blogs from my other friends that I haven't read in a while.  My friend Tracy's blog stands out the most.  We both have a friend that is battling cancer.  I am actually a closer friend to Myra's older sister.  I am so sad just the same that Myra is so sick.  Myra was always the  little squirt for years.  She has blossomed into this awesome woman of God and realized her calling as a pastor and followed through.  She was a spitfire as a girl and remains that to this day.  I was reminded a few weeks ago the memory my daughter Molly has of Myra and her husband watching them for a weekend for us years ago.  She said her brother Paul and her were afraid to sleep by themselves in the living room so Myra and Gray had a slumber party in the living room all together. Molly never forgot that and because of that one moment in time Myra earned the right to minister into my daughter's life.  I came away from that conversation with the thought of how many big moments have I created with people in doing just the little things?  I believe God does not always trust us with the big things unless we learn how to handle the little things He has predestined for us to do.  The works He prepared for Myra to do were set before she was born.  She was faithful in setting up a slumber party for my frightened little daughter and boom it automatically opened up a new door of ministry with Molly.  Molly is grown with children of her own and has not seen Myra in years but has been experiencing Myra's illness through my phone calls.  Myra  has continued to teach Molly how God never leaves us.  Oh Lord teach us not to miss the little opportunities that will lead us to bigger opportunities for God.  Continue the good fight sweet sister Myra you are not alone!