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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forever Reaching

Well it has been a 102 for the last 2 days and promises to be as hot tomorrow.  My friend Cindy lives for this heat.  I on the other hand have not suffered heat stroke and realize too much of a good thing is too much!!! I can only take off so many clothes.
Oh well on to the meat of my blog.  I was looking at a picture of my granddaughter Rylie today.  This picture is of her and her Daddy at a local science center.  She has cerebral palsy and my son Paul was holding her and introducing her to a resident goat.  In the picture you can see that he has to hold her hand in the direction of the goat so she can pet him.  Rylie is forever reaching but because of her CP she doesn't always reach in the right direction.  She amazes me that she is always trying with the hope that her muscles will cooperate and get her to what she wants.  I know God uses her in my life so often and just a glimpse of this picture makes me wonder as to what am I Forever Reaching for?  I reach for material things as we all do, I reach for food more than I like to admit, I reach for my husband and all that he has to offer and I reach for God.  Now as to what order I do that in is what I need to get straightened out.  Obviously I need to reach for God first..it is the right Christian answer...but in reality I don't always.  Oh I am reaching alright all the time for something just not in the direction God would have me to.  I  know the Holy Spirit is constantly trying to point me in the right direction, but in my stubbornness I fight back and reach for the wrong thing.  My son Paul has the patience of Job and will work with Rylie until the goats come home and only finds joy as Rylie touches that goat and laughs her good ole belly laugh.  Her muscles fight all the way and then immediately relax as she feels that funny fur.  She has found the object of her searching and all of her efforts are rewarded, but she had to yield to her Daddy's firm but loving hand as he helped her.  I want to be just like that with my heavenly father.  I want to reach for things that will bring him glory and will result in me finding that perfect resting place and peace and when I don't reach in the right direction I want him to firmly direct me in the way that he wants me to go.  I have a dear friend that I have been praying for because her husband was diagnosed with cancer.  We prayed for her tonight as her husband goes in for an MRI of his brain tomorrow.  She admitted she was a little anxious of the outcome and when asked how her husband was doing she smiled and said great.  He is holding us all up.  Her husband I think has been reaching in the right direction for a long time  and now it is second nature for him to continue to reach for God and it is obvious that he has found that resting place of peace.  Are his circumstances hard?  Yep..does he stop reaching nope....amazing how God trusts his saints with  hard journeys  only to have others encouraged.  I want to be" Forever Reaching" towards my Heavenly Father simply because He reached for me first..He inclines his ear to me as I cry out to him.  Thank you God for my sweet Rylie just the way she is.  Thank you for true men of God that when in crisis only build up and encourage others.  God be with you both tomorrow and I will be praying!